Beautiful sunrise after a great night

7.00am and we are still on the beach…a big, bright red sun is coming up over the horizon. I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful view. Passed out bodies on the beach everywhere, carefree vibes and chill reggae music still playing in the background, sounds like the results of a good night haha.

05.08.2017 ReggaeVibes, Almiros Beach Crete.

We got there at about 1am i think, by that time the beach was already packed with people enjoying the music, dancing, eating and drinking. The entrance fee is 10euro prebooked or 15euro at the door. This has been going on for 11 years but i think this year was my favorite. The music they play is ReggaeDub and they have lots of different performers on stage. Towards the end of the night (morning) the music is a lot more quiet and chill, maybe because everybody is either asleep or too high to dance haha. Definitely recommend it if you are in Crete around August.


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