What would you do if somebody came up to you, while you were breastfeeding your newborn baby, snatched her/him off you, hooked you up to a milking machine, stole all of your milk, so your baby now can not be fed the milk and nutrients it needs? If your baby is male it would be killed, if it is female it would be locked up, rapped and finally have the same destiny as you… would you be okay with that? Would you think it is natural? Or would you stop supporting this cruel act and try to get other people to open their minds and think about the things they support?

Sadly, i have just explained the dairy industry. This is what happens to the poor cows and their babies. Now, if you can ignore this, if you can live with yourself doing this to a defensless being, then by all means, carry on. I can not force you to change your lifestyle, nor would i want to, but i would love for you to think about what you are paying for other people to do, just so you can have your dairy milk and cheese. News flash! You can have milk, cheese and chocolate without all the cruelty.

( no offence)

Ellie’s thoughts xx


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