Romantic Santorini

I know, I’ve been sooo shit with my blog lately. I’ve had no inspiration whatsoever and I’ve said from the start that I’m never going to force myself to write something if i don’t feel like it. Lately, I’ve been choosing to go out more with friends and focus on having a nice summer.


Unexpected trip

This short (too short) trip was totally not planned. I only found out that i was going around two days earlier. Basically, my boyfriend and his friend own a photography business (MD Photography, Agios Nikolaos) and they got invited to do a photoshoot in Santorini for a newly married couple. Of course, when they asked me if i wanted to go with them to help out with a few things, I couldn’t pass on that opportunity.

We arrived in Thira Santorini at around 5.00 Monday morning. We managed to sleep for just a couple of hours and then we were up to go and have our first drive around the island. We were looking for the best places to get the perfect wedding photos for the couple, I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be THAT busy. We first went to the lighthouse which is located in Akrotiri, this place has amazing panorama views, so they decided they were going to shoot their sunset photos here. After this we went to the most popular and crowded village, Oia (pronounced EE-ah). Beautiful Oia, people ruin you! I hated that it was sooo crowded, taking pictures is a difficult task here with all the people walking in front of or bumping into you.


NOW… for the part that ruined my whole trip.

I got fucking pick-pocketed!

We were walking around all the little streets in Oia, taking photos and just enjoying the views. Next thing, i looked down at my bag and it was wide open. I thought straight away ”shit” and i immediately looked in to my bag for my purse… It was gone. I had all my money that I had saved up in there… It’s just so annoying that people can be like that. Anyway, I’m over it, there’s nothing I can do, I’m never getting that money back so why sob over it?

That same day we started shooting at around 4pm, it went really well, the photos are going to turn out amazing. Later that night, the couple took us to this lovely tavern (Savvas Popeye, Perivolos). The food was incredible, so were the staff, and there were some great choices for vegans. We ordered lots of ”mezes” to share, so I had tomato croquettes, fried courgettes, fava dip, salad and pesto linguine. Everything was so tasty, honestly, 5 stars from me 🙂

After dinner, we decided to see what the nightlife is all about. We went to Fira, where we heard is a party place for young people. We walked past a lot of bars and clubs full of people having a great time. We only had one drink in one of the clubs, just for the sake of it and called it a night, we were sooo tired from the night before.

Next day – Theros beach and Imerovigli


Woke up in the morning hungry –always-, so we went to a bakery close by and got a few things to eat, i got a spinach pie without feta. We drove to Theros beach in Vlichada, it definitely did not disappoint. Black sand and an amazing bar on top of the beach, amazing views and really cool and comfy sofas and chairs. We lay on one of the sofas for an hour or so talking and taking photos. We made our way to Imerovigli and I fell in love. It is honestly the prettiest place I’ve ever seen, It’s actually exactly like Oia but without all the people. This place seems a lot more relaxed as well, for example, in Oia there are so many little passage ways that are closed off by the owners of hotels and apartments. In Imerovigli you can go basically everywhere and to top it off, the people don’t really mind you taking photos on top of the buildings either, as long as you take your shoes off – they are all white so they don’t want people getting shoe marks on there, understandable.

I don’t really know what else to say about this place, other than that i am definitely planning another trip soon to explore a little bit more, I’m just going to let the photos talk for themselves.




If you have ever been to Santorini, let me know your experience in the comments below

Ellie xx



2 thoughts on “Romantic Santorini

  1. Hi Ellie we went on a cruise last year that docked at Santorini. Only their a few hours but loved it. Took a cable car from the port to the top it was spectacular. Coming down was quite an experience. The queue to take cable car down was two hours long so we decided to take the hundreds of steps which was crowded by not only people but hundreds of donkeys taking people up and down, rushing past people, quite scared/intimidating. I did think this is a cruel practice as there was no shade or water for them 😢 The steps were covered in donkey poo that was really smelly and made me heave all the way down (I’m rather tickled stomached) much to my hubbies amusement. Santorini definitely worth a longer return trip, the bonus was I didn’t get pick pocketed 😳We also docked a Mykonos, definitely worth a visit too. I go to Parga on the mainland regularly which is gorgeous. Tracey your cousin😃


    1. Hi Tracey, thank you so much for reading i hope you are all well, give my love to everyone 😘 we got picked up from and to the port so that was different to your experience lol. Hope you had a great time, i also want to go to Mykonos and all the greek islands at some point, but for now, save save save for more travels ❤


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