When, Why, How i went vegan. ”My Vegan Story”

I have always loved animals. I remember me and my sisters always saving injured mice or birds (i think one day actually, we made a ”group” and we were going out looking for injured animals to save haha). Plus, my whole family have had SO many newborn kittens, that we have found in rubbish bins, tied up in bags because ”people” were not responsible enough to take care of them or neuter their cats. We have also found a lot of stray dogs/puppies, which we have either kept and they are now our pets, or given them to animal shelters.

20160721_183141I’d never even thought about going vegetarian or vegan when i was young, just because we automatically think it’s normal, we have been raised that way… so why change?

I was actually never a big meat-eater. I never liked steak, lamb, beef or pork and i HATED20160927_130602 finding fat in my food or getting too close to the bone or seeing all the veiny stringy things. My mom never used to give us cow’s milk to drink either, I don’t think any of us liked it that much, only in cereal every once in awhile. I must admit though, i did like cheese, at one point i was living off cheese and onion toasties.


One day, i was probably around 14? one of my friends sent me a video to watch (Earthlings), I couldn’t watch it all, i maybe watched like 10-15 minutes of it and then turned it off. Still, i never thought that WE are actually the people that are making them animals suffer like that. I just never made the connection. Another day, i came across Gary Yourofsky’s speech on Youtube. I never got to the end, sadly. I wish i had now, but back then i felt it was too boring or it was just too long and i couldn’t be bothered to watch 1 hour of someone speaking (sit yo ass down 15yr old Ellie and educate yoself).

20161204_154112For some reason though, i remember thinking that when i grow up, i am DEFINITELY going to be vegan and my children will be vegan too (that must have been about a year before i eventually did). Soooo, the day comes. Ria (my youngest sister) sent me that Gary Yourofsky speech again. This time though, i watched it, ALL. It was the best decision of my life and that day me and my sister went vegan. I obviously looked more into it and read lots of articles and watched youtube videos about all the benefits and what to look out for and what supplements i would need to take ect ect. That day, i also subscribed to loads of vegan channels on youtube, so i could learn more about veganism and also to get meal ideas (Freelee, Essena O’neill…)

The first week i think i lost about 2-2.5 kgs. I didn’t say that in a good way! Of course i was happy about it, but i didn’t really know what to eat or cook so i was basically just eating fruit and salad, and i probably wasn’t eating enough. I soon got into a routine of eating healthy and learning more and more about veganism. My diet consists of fruit, oatmeal with lots of toppings, sandwiches, potatoes, pastas, curries, soups, vegan shepherd’s pie and SO much more. Really, vegans DO NOT miss out on anything! Me and my sister are always baking cookies, brownies, muffins and cakes.20161121_120200

We are definitely not the ”perfect” vegans. We have slipped up more than a couple of times, i’m not going to deny that. Or i have ordered something that i thought would be vegan but wasn’t, but i still ate it anyway, and i actually still do that now sometimes.

Truth be said though, I would NEVER even think to going back to eating meat or dairy again. There are SO many benefits to eating a (plant-based) vegan diet, that eating any other way just seems crazy to me now. I also don’t buy any products that contain animal products or have been tested on poor animals.

IMG_20161225_170457_297Thank you for reading, comment letting me know what you think. Also, do you think i should do a more in depth post about the reasons to go vegan and all the benefits? Let me know.

If you are thinking about going vegan, just go and watch documentaries, ”what i eat in a day” videos on youtube (for ideas) and go read articles about all the health benefits, as well as what the poor animals go through until their flesh is on your plate.

Ellie xx


Here are a couple of links and documentaries that will help you if you are interested in going vegan:

Why Vegan

The animals we USE

Benefits (scientifically proven)

(meals in pictures: featured image is porridge/oatmeal with lots of toppings, the next photos are pizza and salad, courgette/zucchini balls, burrito with sweet potato chips, English breakfast, my Christmas/New Years dinner last year…ALL VEGAN)




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