Sunday // Relaxing day on the beach

As some of you may know, i live in Greece, more specifically a Greek island called Crete. Of course when you live somewhere like this, summer starts quite early and by April, the weather is already beautiful. So of course, the Greek life is literally a beach.

This year i decided to be more active, as well as explore the island a lot more, mostly the private little beaches. Sooo…what better way to do that, than to get a kayak? 😀 Yes, i finally got one last month, although I didn’t get round to trying it until last Sunday. I chose the 2 person Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak.


So, Sunday morning me and my little sister got a lift down to a tiny beach that’s not normally busy, this day it had a few people but whatever. We inflated it and hopped straight into the sea. I was kind of embarrassed about actually getting in the kayak, you know just in case it tips over and everyone decides to start laughing at me… so i waited for my sister to get in first haha. I was shocked at how steady it was, we were basically hanging off the side of it (i know, so graceful, right?) but it never tipped at all.

So, we’re off. As soon as we got to grips with using the oars, it was SO easy. I don’t know why, but i was expecting it to be more of a challenge, like that our arms and shoulders would hurt after a while, but they didn’t at all. We basically just rode around the few beaches that were close by. To give you a bit of a picture, there are5 big beaches in the village, and between every beach there are rocks, so basically every beach is a big cove. We were at the 4th cove/beach and we rode around the 3rd and 5th for a couple of hours.

20170514_182522You don’t know how relaxing being on top of the water is, until you have been in a canoe or kayak and just paddled slowly along the coastline. Especially in the evening, just when the sun starts to get lower and the sea is a little bit more calm. The water literally looked like oil (in a good way, so let’s say coconut oil :P), it looked so smooth and relaxing. All you can hear is the water and nothing else; no people, no shouting, no traffic, just… nature. Ria even lay down in the back.

We ordered some food and just relaxed for a bit. Soon enough though, we wanted to get back in to our new ride and explore a little bit more, until it started to get dark and we went home. Next time we are going to go A LOT further and try to find beaches we have never been to or are hard to reach from land.




Until next time…

Ellie xx

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