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What i ate Vegan in Amsterdam

Let’s start off by saying, i found it SO easy to find vegan food while i was in Amsterdam. Most restaurants/cafes have vegan options. You can even find a lot of 100% vegan places, like this 1st one…


Okay, so this was at Vegabond. It’s a small 100% vegan shop and food cafe. We ordered the ”ricotta” sandwich and the hummus wrap. The wrap was nice,  but the ”ricotta”… OMG, i literally can’t stop thinking about it. If you are ever in Amsterdam don’t even think about leaving before trying this place. It’s HEAVEN.


This next place is called ”ZEST”. It’s kind of like a pub atmosphere but if you go down the steps at the back it looks more like a candle lit expensive restaurant. It’s not a vegan restaurant, but they do have options. When he brought us the menus he asked if we were vegetarian or vegan and then he showed me all the vegan options, or what can be made vegan. There was a fair amount of options but after seeing this burger on the menu, nothing compared. It’s a sweet potato and chickpea burger and obviously served with chips and ketchup (he told me vegan mayo but he brought me ketchup, anyway..) It really was as good as it looks in the photo, and i think i read somewhere on the internet that it’s one of the best vegan burgers in Amsterdam.


I know this is NOT a good picture, the lighting in ”Koffiespot” is really bad for photos. We came here every morning the first few days for a coffee, because they also offer soy, almond and coconut milk for the cappuccinos or hot chocolate. I think cappuccino is the only thing i miss since i’ve been vegan, no cafes offer vegan milks where i live. Anyway, on this morning i also had breakfast here and i chose the vegan sandwich. It was absolutely gorgeous, definitely the best one i’ve had so far. I cant really remember all the ingredients in it but there was hummus, (i think sundried) tomatoes, rocket, avocado and roasted wasabi nuts?. Hearing wasabi might put you off but they were soooo sweet they tasted more like caramelized peanuts, they are what made the sandwich so nice. You should definitely give it a try. They also offer lots of fresh juices and health shots.


These pancakes, I actually made myself *clap clap*. I think the only breakfast you can possible eat on a Sunday morning is PANCAKES. I also love all this fruit you can get in Amsterdam, actually anywhere except where i live. I can never find berries or exotic fruit like passion fruit.


Another meal i made for me and my sister. This salad has kale, spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, blueberries, avocado, pine nuts, olive oil and a few of these little cracker things for a bit of crunch. Oh we also had quinoa with it, but forgot to make it until after i had already finished making the salad. It took us about 45 minutes to make this (i think it was the wines fault, and maybe all the dancing)

IMG_20170429_215905_021Another thing i had, but i can only find this shitty photo of is….PIZZAAAAA. ”Mastino V” is an Italian, gluten free and vegan pizzeria. I had the ”BIG 4” which was 4 cheeses. It was amazing. Yeah, i know. All the food i tried was amazing. They make their own cheese and their ”parmesan” was lovely. The only thing that disappointed me was that they bring you the pizza in a box, with no plates and plastic cups for your drinks. They also burned our pizzas and had to make new ones, so we were waiting a long time. I would recommend just ordering take-away from here and taking it back to your place and watch a movie or something.




I think at this point, i got fed up of taking pictures of my food with my camera, i was taking too long and i just wanted to eat haha, so sorry if the photos are getting crap. This was at Taste and Flavour Jordaan. We ordered a sandwich with lots of grilled vegetables and hummus to share and we also ordered 2 smoothies, passionfruit and acai. It was all delicious, especially the smoothies ❤


One one of my last long walks i was trying to find vegan ice cream, but i found these sorbets instead. I’m not that much of an ice cream person, so this wasn’t that exciting for me. They were from Ijscuypje, and i chose one scoop of dark chocolate and one scoop of raspberry. The dark chocolate one was more like ice cream, actually really creamy but not too sweet. The raspberry one was more refreshing and light. They were both lovely, definitely perfect for a warm sunny day.


On my last morning in Amsterdam, we came to Bagels & Beans. The first one we got was the avocado with cream cheese on a plain white bagel, the cream cheese came in a separate bowl, so i didn’t have any of that. It was nice, but a bit boring for me and a bit too much avocado. The second one we got was hummus and sun-dried tomatoes on a sesame bagel. Now this one was GOOD, i would highly recommend it 🙂

After this i dropped by Vegabond again to get a snack for the plane. I picked up some ”Eat Real” Lentil chips creamy dill flavor and i small tub of coconut chocolate ice cream (don’t remember the brand, cant find it) which sadly i had to leave for my sister.

I hope you enjoyed this, and i hope i helped you a bit, if you were wondering about where to eat on your next trip to Amsterdam.

Ellie xx

6 thoughts on “What i ate Vegan in Amsterdam

  1. I had the same sorbet from Ijscuypje. The dark chocolate was totally not what i was expecting. Really creamy like you say. Your pancakes look amazing! 🙂


  2. Everything looks sooooo good! If I ever visited I’ll definitely check out some of these places, that pizza though… *drools*


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