Amsterdam Travel Diary

So, i’m back *sad face*.

I had such a lovely time in Amsterdam with my sister,now i just have to find the words to describe my time there. I didn’t know blogging would be this hard, honestly. I think i’m slowly realizing that i’m not that good with putting my feelings and thoughts on paper, or in this case, on screen.

My sister was planning to go to Amsterdam in late April anyway, so i already had someone to go with, which made my decision very easy (okay, i didn’t even have to think about it, i booked our flights the next day). We booked to go on the 27th and i would be coming back alone on the 3rd of May.

27th comes around… i still don’t really feel like i’m going anywhere, maybe i’m just overwhelmed, i don’t know. Anyway, our flight was ok (Transavia), apart from waiting another 45 minutes on the plane, AFTER we had landed.


First day… KINGS DAY.

We got there at about 5pm, so we left our cases at the house and headed straight back out. Soooo many people! All the roads were full of happy people (and attractive ;). We basically just walked around all day with our beers in our hands, listening to all the different kinds of music, boats/forts going through the canals with people dancing and jumping up and down, DJs with their decks set up outside their window or on their balcony, people having house parties or just really loud music outside their houses, literally every 10 steps you would hear a different genre. It was a good day, maybe we could have gotten a little bit more drunk haha.

Over the next few days, we were basically just walking around, exploring the canals and the little streets with all the cute shops and cafes, oh and finding good vegan food to eat 😀





We didn’t do any boat canal tours, we preferred just walking around exploring by ourselves, but if you want, you can get tickets for canal tours on every corner, the ”hop off and on” boat tour sounds good. We wanted to hire bikes when we first got there, but shortly after changed our minds. I think it’s quite intimidating and too hectic for a tourist that doesn’t really know where they are going and has to look at their GPS every 5 minutes. I can imagine it being a very good experience though, if you are confident enough. If you are just walking around, always look both ways before crossing a street, it seems like the bikers have priority and they go quite fast, so just be careful.


Another thing I’m going to talk about is The Red Light District. If you don’t know what this is… where are you living? It’s basically the place with the prostitutes. Now maybe you know what i mean? Anyway, around the Red Light District you will see young women wearing underwear, in windows/doors, trying to get men to pay them for sex. You can also find transvestites, they are usually around the back streets and they normally have blue lights in their windows instead of red, or they might have both. It might be controversial but i honestly had a really good night. It was quite amusing seeing all the men just staring at these girls, i also saw a guy getting thrown out of a room with the door slamming after him haha, i think maybe he wanted more than what his money could pay for, or something like that. Around here you can also find strip clubs, sex shops, souvenir shops and people asking if you want drugs. I would advise you not to buy drugs from these people, you never know if they are safe, and people have actually died from this mistake. Just ignore them or smile and say ”no, thank you”.



Another thing i really liked was, Vondelpark. It’s this huge park, where people go to exercise, walk and play with their dogs or just smoke a joint and relax on the grass 😛 There are loads of little bridges here (good for photo shoots haha) and lots of beautiful flowers depending on when you go. At the entrance of the park are also cafes and restaurants where you can grab a coffee or sit down for lunch.



In general, i had a great time in Amsterdam and i am definitely going again some time in the future. But for now… work work work and save up for my next adventure. Here are some pictures.



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And yep, me and my kelsie got shitty little matching tattoos. Oops!

Ellie xx

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